Skin Tightening

What is Skin Lightening and Lifting?

Many people struggle with loose or sagging skin as they age, and are looking for a solution for younger, tighter-looking skin. Skin Lab Med Spa, we offer skin tightening and lifting services to help address problem areas non-surgically.

Our consultation process at our Med Spa in Falls Church, includes a discussion about skin goals, areas of concern, and our doctors will review how our skin tightening and lifting treatment will meet each patient’s needs. Skin tightening is a treatment to tighten and lift the skin to reduce visible signs of aging. Our treatment produces instant results and a lifting effect to help patients feel better about themselves and boost confidence.

Who is a good candidate for Skin Lightening and Lifting?

Patients that have signs of aging and want to tighten up areas of their body are good candidates. Other candidates include those that have lost excessive weight or those that want to tighten up their skin after pregnancy. All patients are candidates for our skin tightening treatment, and our doctors love to help patients achieve smoother and tighter-looking skin.

What Skin Tightening and Lifting treatments are offered at Skin Lab Med Spa?

At Skin Lab Med Spa, we offer skin tightening in Falls Church, using the latest technology. Our treatments are safe and effective and can reach deep layers of the skin to create dramatic results. All skin types are compatible with our skin tightening and firming treatment, and our treatment is gentle with minimal side effects.

What can I expect after my Skin Tightening and Lifting?

Skin Tightening and Lifting requires no downtime after treatment and patients can resume normal activities without disruption. The process is painless and is a great non-surgical way to achieve results that continue to progress up to 6 months after treatment in our med spa in Falls Church. We invite you to contact Skin Lab Med Spa today to get started with our consultation process toward younger, firmer, skin.

Are you interested in Skin Tightening and Lifting?

If you are looking for a Skin Lab Med Spa near you that offers treatment for loose or sagging skin that bothers you, contact Skin Lab Med Spa for more information. We provide a variety of skincare services to help rejuvenate skin that are customized to meet our patient’s needs. Get started toward firmer and tighter skin by scheduling a consultation with us.

To schedule an appointment, contact Skin Lab Med Spa. We look forward to speaking with you!


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